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Services offered by the Website

Through our platform, we provide you a collection recipes to choose from. Once you select the recipes and number of servings you need, we provide you with the recipes and ingredients to cook them. We shop for you and package ingredients at a premeasured quantity and pre prepped for the recipe you ordered.

Limited Warranty

BoxTheChef takes no responsibility of faults in preservation of ingredients, If the meal is not cooked immediately. As there may preservation lapses on your part.

If you are dissatisfied with the meals we serviced, contact us at our helpline/email and we will either replace the meal or credit you back the amount for the meal. Our liability extends till 5 days of purchase and the value of the meal.

We do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information and materials offered by this website. By using our website you acknowledge that there may be inaccuracies and/or errors in the information and services provided by this website. We exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent of the law.

Order and Delivery

BoxTheChef does not deliver to all locations. Please check if our services are available at the location you want the meal kits delivered. Please let us know if you desire our services at a location, which is not available now. Please go to the feedback feature on our site to do so. We offer our delivery services at different time slots. Please make someone available at the delivery location during the time our meal kits are scheduled to be delivered. In case you designate someone else, he or she will receive the services under same terms and condition as would be applicable if you had received the order.

In case of a weather or traffic disruptions we will deliver our order as soon as the conditions permit.

Assumptions made on websites part

BoxTheChef presumes you have standard pots, tawa, utensils at your home. For special electrical appliances like mixer grinder and microwave and cooking equipment the same will be mentioned in our Recipe page on the website. Please check before ordering. We will take no responsibilities if you miss these information.

Intellectual property

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